Why Choose us?

Auto Renew System

Our tools are automatically updated on alternate days.  Our auto renews system automatically removes the expired account and add a new one. Its automate system update.

VIP Member

Get additional benefits using our tools and access all tools using single interface. Also, Latest Premium SEO tools, Premium themes plugins, WSO Courses, Udemy courses for free.

Highest Uptime

Mostly group buys steals tools from one another, We do not rely on others all tools are purchased by ourselves and we monitor tools on daily basis to provide highest uptime.

Affordable Price

Not only are our group prices extremely cheap compared to the original accounts but they are also the cheapest compared to any other group accounts online. Our plan start at just $19.

Safe and Secure

A dedicated Software is created for every new customer/purchase. The login details of the purchased accounts are saved inside the browser for extra safety.

Premium Support

Our support of 24*6 is the major advantage for the customers. We provide you supports by means of Skype, e-mail or ticket system. All the complains are solved within the time duration of 12 to 24 hours.

Instant Access

We are the only group buy provider that has a self-developed fully automated system that provides super fast access to all our users (usually within 1 Hour after purchase via PayPal).

Secure Payment Method

We accept various payment method. Your information is 100 % Secure.You can Pay us through Paypal, Credit Card, Visa, Debit Card, Payoneer, Payza, Bitcoin, Paytm or E-wallet.

What our Customers Say

Hello, I’m here to say I’ve tested some tools and everything works well. I’ve been in other SEO tool groups and none worked. So, Thank you for your effort. Very helpful.

Jake Donavan

Freelancer, Seo Lights

We have no regrets! After using your service my business skyrocketed! I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! I couldn’t have asked for more than this.

Jem Jahan

SEO EXPERT, Entrepreneurera

Excellent seller and most helpful. Thank you very much. I will be back again next month.Thank you for the fast delivery and excellent support. Great seller. Highly recommended. Sumit Kumar

Digital Marketer, Themopedia


Our mission is to provide low-cost tools for and SEO, PPC by providing group buy solutions to entrepreneurs, website owners, startups, web developers, starters, SEO professionals, bloggers. We cater to the needs of small businesses that have a tight budget to work with. With our solutions, you can use all the marketing, research, and SEO tools that your business needs as long as the minimum number of buyers have been reached.

– Team Pitorr