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AdPlexity Desktop Brings you the most relevant data from the most profitable desktop campaigns, with coverage of 75 countries and data from over 30 popular traffic sources and over 100 affiliate networks.

AdPlexity Product Features

AdPlexity is not called the best spying tool for anything. It has hoards of features that the other spying tools do not offer.

  • It has an exotic feature that allows you to download every landing page and another one, that helps in tracking campaigns that are generally running on pop-under ads.
  • It has wide coverage of about 75 countries all over the world and also some of the less competitive countries.
  • It monitors a huge number of websites that are usually running on adult websites.
  • The best part about it is that it is not confined and supports all platforms, be it Windows, PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android too.
  • A feature called 120 Carriers, majorly shows all the hidden campaigns that are running on mobile carrier traffic and right worldwide.
  • A feature, namely, 100 Affiliate Networks, helps find the best ads that are promoting affiliate offers right from over 100 affiliate networks, all in one click.
  • Also, it allows the results to come out right within the fraction of seconds that can be searched by advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks and more things in a row.
  • They help locate successful campaigns quickly and quite conveniently with the help of their extensive filters that allow you to separate on the basis of keywords, advertiser, publisher and affiliate network.
  • Not just that, they help analyze every piece of the campaign, and show you how long the campaign was up and when it performed the best, which devices it targets the best, and also the traffic sources used.
  • They show the specific affiliate network and tracking tool used for particular landing pages, the offer that is being promoted on the landing pages or the outgoing URLs, as well as the campaigns run by the affiliate/advertiser.

Buy Adplexity Desktop at $199 per month from the site. Or you can buy Adplexity Desktop from us at just $69 Per month.

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