Placeit is a website that lets you create mockup images and videos for products such as apparel, mobile apps, and books. Simply supply them with a product image and they will apply it to a product as if the product actually existed. Prices for the final product images range from free (for small 400x300 images suitable for a website) to $28 (for large 3300x2475 or 4080x1440 images suitable for printing). Prices for videos range from free (for small 640x480 videos that have a watermark) to $99 (for a large 1920x1280 video of more than 16 seconds). They also offer subscription plans starting from $29 per month that let you create as many mockups as you want during the course of a month. They further offer free design templates.


  • Can create image mockups of a wide range of products
  • Can create videos mockups, including videos of models using the products
  • Offers monthly subscription plans that provide unlimited mockups
  • Offers free design templates

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